Saturday, January 06, 2007

Weather of biblical proportions!

Well, I've lived in Seattle for over 25 years, and I have to say, this winter stands out as one of the worst ever. I mean, it's bad enough it normally rains from mid-September to June (if you are lucky). But this past November it rained 15 inches, which was enough to put even the most hardened Pacific Northwesterner on their knees! Then the wind and snow hit, also of bibical proportions! Ye Gods!

I guess I could sit in my bathroom with all the lights on and my hair dryer blasting in order to get my minimum daily allowance of warmth and light. But then, think of the electric bills!
Gesh, it may just be cheaper to go to Hawaii. Oh!, to have warm sand between my toes, gently swaying palm trees over my shoulder, and a cool ocean breeze in my face!

Gee, only 6 more months till it MIGHT stop raining!