Monday, June 20, 2016

What is about white guys in trucks?   I commute downtown and every day I find myself unhappily sharing the road with white guys  storming down the freeway as if they were on their way to Navy Seal try-outs.    These guys live in the suburbs for God's sake and I'm wondering... What could they possibly use their truck for?   Perhaps they REALLY need it to buy bark at Home Depot or to take their lawn mower to the repair shop?

I, of course, wouldn't mind if they drove trucks, but the sad truth is, the same nice guy that coaches T-ball for 1st graders gets behind the wheel of his truck and turns into a total ass!   Apparently, there's not a no-bullying class for applicable truckers.

On a daily basis I see them swerving in and out of various freeways lanes or wait till the carpool lane runs out and THEN cut you off so they can squish in.   They ain't making any friends sitting behind the wheel of their truck, I can tell you!

Hey guys, get a SUV like everyone else and chill out.  Save the truck in the extremely unlikely event you move to Colorado and start raising cattle!

Until such time, please tone down the testosterone and try remembering you're an average white guy, not Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Just sayin'.  

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