Monday, May 29, 2006

A Day at the Beach

My oldest daughter took this photo of her dad and little sister last weekend while we were having a day at the beach. Even though Dave is 50 plus years old he still likes to throw rocks in the water and see how many times he can get them to skim across the the surface of the water. He's tried to show all our kids how to do it, but I am not sure how successful he has been. I guess its one of those skills that takes YEARS of practice to get right.

If you look off in the distance, you can see the Olympic Mountains. We can go weeks without seeing them due to overcast clouds. However, if we are lucky, the clouds part and we are treated to a spectacular day like the one that this photo was taken.

If you put your mouse on the photo, you can view a larger version.

Throwing rocks to see how they skim over the water on a gorgeous day like this one is not something we take for granted.

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