Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Back from the Old Country

Looks cold, eh? This is my husband and I on the ferry from Helsinki to Tallin, Estonia. And no, this photo was taken in the dead of winter, it was take in last month (April!)! This photo doesn't even begin to capture the cold wind that blows when you are out on the open sea!

While we were in Finland we rented a car and took trains, so we were able to see a fair amount of the country, especially the west coast area. We discovered that a good chunk of Finland is flat as a pancake. In addition, as it was April, there was still snow on the ground in many places we visited. The good news is that we had a great time getting to know more about my husband's ancestors and meeting LOTS of really nice Finns. We heard rumors that Finns were not very friendly, but we did not find that the case at all. Everyone we met were friendly, helpful, and more than willing to bend over backwards to make sure we enjoyed our brief stay in their country.

Perhaps someday we can go back when it is summertime and see what Finland looks like when flowers are in bloom and the days last 'till midnight!

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